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Shine (poem)

Note: everyone should be able to access the above SoundCloud file, whether or not you have a SoundCloud account. Please let me know if you have any issues listening. Thank you!

This is your time

You are glowing under the moon

You are shining near the fire

You will arise each morning

Moving yourself up to the highlands of your own heart

Keep going

You deliciously sweet framework of brains and bones

Your existence is a miracle

But don’t force a smile

Instead, honor your humanity

Speak in sentences of bouquets and thorns

Dig in the dirt and pull up the weeds of your past

Stretch the length of your body

Along the trunk of a tree

Raise your hand to the branches in the sky and

Wrap your fingers around the largest




You can find.

"Shine" was published in QUIVER: spoken words returned to the page, by Kimberlee Adonna (2023). Publishing house: Read or Green Books.

Happy Diwali to all who celebrate this Festival of Lights!

Onward into deep Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere...


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