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Ode to My Couch (poem)

First poem of 2024. Happy New Year to all writers and lovers of words.

It came with the furnished apartment:


1980’s futon with heavy, creaking lumber

In frame.


Slick, black mattress hidden beneath my

Iridescent orange tapestry.


Pillows and blankets

In random jewel tones

Rebel against tidiness:

Hither, a textured purple mass of a bolster.

Yon, a flush of scarlet fever across a corduroy cushion.


Sleeping black cat disappears

Between folds of midnight blue blanket.


My legs wrapped like burrito filling

In off-white quilt.

800-page novel open atop thighs.


Page after page turned

As tepid sunset gives way to winter night


Old heater kicks on

Blasts hot air and noise.


Arise to stretch, refill drink.


Return to my snuggery.






Evening passes

In time-slowing



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